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Is it better to work out on a treadmill or outside?

Running on a treadmill is a bit like baking cakes in a microwave: idealists will say it’s just a pathetic imitation, while pragmatists will cite convenience and good results.   Even critical thinkers will recognise that there are many benefits to exercising on a treadmill indoors: temperature control, a flat surface, the ability to pace …

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Some more helpful tips

Maintain a positive attitude. Getting ready for a long run starts in your head. It’s normal to feel anxious when you see a distance in your training plan that you’ve never run before, or just a very long distance. Visualize the route you are planning to run and imagine that you are doing great and feeling great …

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How to build a wide back

While science still hasn’t figured out how and why our muscles grow in response to strength training , the very root cause of muscle growth has been established. To build a wide back, you need to consider the function of genes . Usually genes “sleep”. They can be compared to inactivated computer programs, but you cannot turn them on by simply pressing a button. In fact, genes …

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How to expand the chest

Many highly trained trainers believe that by performing certain exercises, it is possible to achieve expansion of the chest. This is usually done by doing two exercises in combination. These exercises include barbell breathing squats and dumbbell pullovers on a transverse bench. Through the systematic practice of these exercises, along with a progressive increase in working weight, the trainee can achieve chest enlargement. Exercises for …

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