step up 1

15 minute intense step workout

1. Push-ups with one hand on the platform

These push-ups are easier to do than the standard push-ups. Therefore, you can do more reps in 30 seconds. The technique of the exercise is no different from the standard version, except for the position of the hand: put one hand on the floor, and put the other on the platform. Lower slowly and climb quickly.

Perform the exercise for 30 seconds on each arm for the maximum number of repetitions. If you can’t do push-ups, you can lower your hand from the platform to the floor and back. The execution time is the same.

2. Dynamic side lunges

After push-ups, go straight to this exercise. Stand in the starting position: one foot on the platform, the other on the floor. Touch the platform with your hand. Now jump to the side, on the opposite side of the platform. You should land in the original position, but in a mirror image.

dynamic lunges to the side

Exercise at maximum intensity for 1 minute. If you find it difficult to jump, or are tired, you can step over the platform from the same positions as when jumping.

3. Bulgarian squats

Stand in front of the platform at a distance of 70-80 centimeters (or whatever is more convenient). Place your right foot on the platform, and move your left foot slightly forward. Now squat, while making sure that the knee does not go beyond the border of the toes. If this happens, move further away from the platform.

lunges on one leg on a step platform

For 1 minute, do the maximum number of repetitions on each leg.

4. “Climber” on the platform

Stand at close range lying, throw your legs on the platform. Now pull your right leg to your chest and return to the starting position. Now the left leg, then the right, and so on.

climber on the platform

Again, you are given one minute for the maximum number of repetitions.

Perform 3-4 laps with rest between laps and rest 1-2 minutes.