How to get the most out of your workout? Exercise regularly, gradually increase the intensity of the exercise and correctly plan the diet after training. At the end of it, the body needs a thorough recharging, but some products can neutralize the effect of exercise and even harm. After a quality workout  , have a snack with a high protein, whole grain snack. The main thing that should be avoided –  it is food with high fat and sugar. Here are 5 foods that should be blacklisted for post-workout snacks.
1. Raw vegetables
Photo # 2 - 5 foods to forget about after a workout

Suddenly? Raw vegetables have always been and are considered healthy and wholesome food, but this is not something that the body really needs after a serious workout. Raw vegetables are low in calories and your body needs to recharge. Vegetables with protein snacks and yogurt  are a  much better option.

2. Pizza

Photo # 3 - 5 foods to forget about after a workout

Delicious, fast, convenient. However, it is better not to stare at pizza after a workout, because even one slice of pizza has  a  huge amount of calories that are unlikely to be useful. Treating yourself to a pizza after finishing a series of cardio or strength training will simply negate all your calorie-burning efforts. In addition, meat and cheese are digested rather slowly, you will not immediately feel the feeling of fullness and, most likely, you will eat more than you should.

3. Potato chips
Photo # 4 - 5 foods to forget about after a workout

It seems like a completely harmless snack, but the fact is that potato chips contain too much salt. High levels of salt (sodium chloride) slow down the body’s absorption of potassium, which can lead to fatigue. If you’re looking for a post-workout energy boost, it’s best to set aside a snack with a packet of potato chips for a couple of hours.

4. Soft drinks

Photo # 5 - 5 foods to forget about after a workout

A cool and pleasant-tasting drink is something that happens to be persistently asked for in your hands after a workout. However, a sweet, especially carbonated, drink is not the most suitable product. Most of these drinks contain too many sweeteners, flavors, colors, and other chemicals. Water is ideal both during and after exercise. Another healthy alternative is a glass of low-fat milk or a drink with a balanced protein and carbohydrate content.

5. Fried food
Photo # 6 - 5 foods to forget about after a workout

Who, after strenuous strength training, has not dreamed of a big hamburger, a serving of fries or fried chicken? Yes, such fried foods can quickly replenish energy reserves, but at the same time add a lot of unnecessary calories. Ate a hot dog after a workout: Consider no workout. So, when leaving the gym, stay away from fried chicken and pits with a generous layer of mayonnaise and chicken in batter.