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How to build a wide back

While science still hasn’t figured out how and why our muscles grow in response to strength training , the very root cause of muscle growth has been established. To build a wide back, you need to consider the function of genes . Usually genes “sleep”. They can be compared to inactivated computer programs, but you cannot turn them on by simply pressing a button. In fact, genes …

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How to expand the chest

Many highly trained trainers believe that by performing certain exercises, it is possible to achieve expansion of the chest. This is usually done by doing two exercises in combination. These exercises include barbell breathing squats and dumbbell pullovers on a transverse bench. Through the systematic practice of these exercises, along with a progressive increase in working weight, the trainee can achieve chest enlargement. Exercises for …

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High-intensity or super-intensity training

Super-intensive training (from the English – High intensity training or HIT ) – a direction in strength training , where the emphasis is on increasing the intensity of training in order to create overload, which leads to more pronounced muscle hypertrophy , explosive strength , active release of free testosterone (in men)  and a decrease in fat mass  . Super Intensive Training was developed by Arthur Jones and then popularized by Mike Mentzer . The …

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Features of training with steroids

One of the main factors in the successful use of anabolic steroids is the correct reorganization of training. In general, training while using steroids is not much different from conventional training programs , however there are some accents and features that we will discuss in this article. Classic training programs: Training program for beginners Training program for professionals You can …

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Aerobic Workouts for Relief

To create relief, you need to work in two directions: muscle hypertrophy and fat burning . The first step in getting lean involves training for muscle growth and a weight-loss diet . With the development of sufficient muscle volume, you can begin to burn fat. To do this, 1-2 strength training is performed per week (for example, a circular or two-day split with 3-5 approaches per muscle group, weights are about …

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The best workouts for weight loss

Scientifically proven that aerobic training (or cardio training ) is most effective for burning fat and shaping the figure in men and women. In the long term , high physical activity is more likely to contribute to weight maintenance than diet. Aerobic training strengthens the cardiovascular system , increases enduranceand the performance of the body, improve the mental state. Aerobic training accelerates recovery from mental stress and …

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Bodybuilding at home

Being engaged in bodybuilding , a person does not always strive to conquer the top of sports Olympus. 95% of bodybuilders do not participate in competitive bodybuilding . In the vast majority of cases, bodybuilding is associated with aesthetic body beauty, attractiveness, and a healthy lifestyle . All this can be achieved at home, since many exercises are easily emulated by simple shells that …

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Training program for professionals

This article provides practical advice for long-term bodybuilding and powerlifting athletes . We have tried to collect information that allows experienced athletes to reach a new level of training. You can figure out how to get out of your training plateau . The main focus is on the most effective aspects of bodybuilding and powerlifting. This article is especially useful for athletes who have exhausted the capabilities …

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