Fitness Trainer Recommendations

Many women, choosing a training plan, do not achieve visible results because the individual characteristics of the female body are not taken into account. In particular, testosterone is secreted in girls much less , so they physically cannot achieve the hypertrophy characteristic of the male body. On the other hand, women actively produce sex hormones such as estrogens and progestogens . It is these hormones that provide female-type fat …

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Training program for beginners

The beginner workout program is designed to build and strengthen the functional base of the body. In bodybuilding it is very important to start training right, it is the wrong initial training program that can lead to failure, cause health problems and disappoint you in bodybuilding. General guidelines for beginners  The initial training program is designed for about 1 year of …

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Rock hard abs

The finish line is in sight folks … from legs to back to chest to shoulders … we’re a long way. For the development of muscle mass we have now pretty much had the important groups, however .. we have skipped a fairly large muscle group, namely deeeee… Abdominal muscles! But you don’t have to train …

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The optimal legday!

We all know them; those (mainly) guests in the gym who mainly, or actually only train the muscle groups that can be seen in the mirror. The mirrors are probably always very high, because they do not pay attention to legs. Legday is the most skipped training day worldwide, so much so that there is a slew of …

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De optimale rugtraining

Vandaag is het tijd voor de volgende spiergroep in het rijtje die we gaan behandelen: de rugtraining. Eigenlijk moet ik spiergroepen zeggen, want iedereen die wel eens naar anatomie plaatjes kijkt weet dat de rug bestaat uit een flink aantal spieren, elk met hun eigen functie. Een goed gebouwde en gedefinieerde rug straalt kracht uit; …

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