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On the question of diets

A smart diet is the path to good health and excellent physical fitness. Diets based on low calorie and low fat intake have not met their expectations.

This diet is not at all like the lean diet, which is increasingly called “the expensive and fatal mistake of science.” It has led to many deaths, diseases, including diabetes and other chronic diseases.

This can be confirmed by the work of researcher Gary Taubes. In articles published in the New York Times and Sceince Magazine, he studied this problem in detail and cited many facts. According to Taubes, the claims about the harmful effects of dietary fats have not been scientifically supported.

In recent years, medical nutritional studies have shown that in order to maintain or reduce body weight (fat), carbohydrates must be counted, not calories and fats. It is the excessive consumption of foods containing a high level of carbohydrates that causes obesity, problems with the cardiovascular system, and even certain types of cancer. By the way, you need to monitor both the consumption of refined and processed carbohydrates.

They are very effective and effective, because they contain information on how to eat properly, how to avoid diseases caused by nutrition (with the fixation of all results).

When discussing the issue of nutrition, it is certainly worth mentioning such a thing as “hyperglycemia”. It is a disease characterized by high levels of insulin in the body caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrates. This metabolic disorder is associated with many other serious illnesses. Studying the data, you can find about a hundred of them.

Now a large number of medical works are aimed at investigating this particular problem. Hyperglycemia can cause colon and rectal cancer, various serious heart problems, cancer, and possibly even Alzheimer’s syndrome. Taking into account all the possible consequences, everyone should pay attention to the CrossFit diet based on carbohydrate counts.

When composing a diet, remember that you need to keep to measure in everything. Reducing your intake of carbohydrates, which increase blood insulin levels, will help you avoid hyperglycemia and keep you in good shape.

It is worth focusing on the glycemic index of food. He will indicate how much a particular product is able to increase the level of sugar, and, consequently, insulin.

glycemic index