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Full Body Circuit Workout: 7 Cool Exercises

This workout is a high intensity workout. The main feature is the performance of each exercise not for the number of repetitions, but for the time.

The workout consists of 4 laps. In each circle, you need to do two exercises, and each circle 3 times with a break of 30 seconds between them. For each exercise you have 20 seconds, during which you must do the maximum number of repetitions.

From the inventory you will need dumbbells (8-10 kg. Each) and a fitball. If there is no fitball, it’s okay, one of the exercises can be done on the floor. But dumbbells will definitely be needed.

First circle

Tilt push-ups

You do regular push-ups, just throw your legs on a sofa or chair, or any other hill. You start the stopwatch and do push-ups the maximum number of times in 20 seconds. Take your time, lower yourself gently to feel how the pectoral muscles (especially the upper part) and triceps work. But it’s not a filon either, you train here, and you didn’t come to rest.

Running in place

After 20 seconds of push-ups, you get up and immediately start running in place with maximum speed. You run for 20 seconds. You stop the timer and rest for 30 seconds. The first rep in the first round is done, you start sweating, but it’s not time to relax. Now do 2 more reps and move on to the next round.

Second circle

Lying dumbbell row

Take the dumbbells in your hands and stand at close range lying. Now pull the dumbbell with your right hand towards you to chest level. The work involves mainly the broadest muscles of the back. Hold your hand at the top point for a split second and lower your hand. Now the same thing, only with the left hand. You have 20 seconds to do the maximum number of reps.

Jump squats

Get up, dumbbells to the side, feet shoulder width apart. Now bend your knees as if you are about to jump up, but jump out and return to the starting position. Now bend your knees again and jump up without pulling your legs in your chest. At the same time, try not to connect your hands to the work, perform the jump by pushing with your legs. Once again: do a half-squat, get up, do a half-squat again and jump up. 20 seconds is the maximum number of repetitions. The first repetition in the second round is there, rest for 30 seconds and do two more of these.

jump squats

Third circle

Side Dumbbell Raises

Take dumbbells in your hands, stand – feet shoulder width apart. Now lift the dumbbells through the sides up, when you raise your arms to an angle of 90 degrees with the body, hold in this position for a second and lower your arms. Again you have 20 seconds for maximum reps.

Running in place

You run again for 20 seconds. You stop the timer and rest for 30 seconds. The first rep in the third round is complete. Sweat is already running in a stream, you are starting to get tired (or maybe already exhausted), but there is another circle ahead. Now do 2 more repetitions and proceed to the last next round.

Fourth circle

Body lifts on fitball

For this exercise, you will need a fitball. If you don’t have one, you can do the exercise on the floor, but the effect will not be the same. Suppose you have a fitball. Leaning on the ball with your butt and lower back, raise your hands up and fold on top of each other, as swimmers do. Now lower yourself backward, slightly moving forward on the ball. Get down to parallel with the floor and return to the starting position. As you already understood, you have 20 seconds for the maximum number of repetitions.

body lifts on fitball

Bird dog

Don’t laugh at the name, this is a yoga exercise and it’s not very simple. Get on all fours, look forward, you don’t need to look at the floor. Now simultaneously raise your left arm and right leg up, as high as possible. Hold for a second at the maximum point and return to the starting position. Now the same thing, only with the right hand and left leg.

20 seconds is the maximum reps. Now rest for 30 seconds and do 2 more reps in this round.